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Joyce Swingle, Pastor
work: (914) 287-7620
Email: pastorjoyce@westchesterchapel.org
Joyce Swingle has been a Pastor at Westchester Chapel since the year 2000.  In January 2011 she was named lead pastor.
Pastor Joyce offers pastoral counseling through The Reconciliation Room.
Pastor Joyce's first career was in the world of magazine publishing.  She wound up that chapter of her life as Vice President of Worldwide Circulation at BusinessWeek Magazine, at which job, she had staff around the globe.  Since meeting the Lord in 1993, she's shared her testimony, served as a MarketPlace Chaplain and taught at numerous retreats, conferences, and churches around the world in the past ten years. Joyce graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, earned her MA in Urban Ministry at Alliance Theological Seminary and was ordained by the Church of the Nazarene. Joyce left her work at BusinessWeek to follow the Lord's call to prepare for a counseling ministry by taking a second master's degree in that field. She's married to our Drama Director, Rich Swingle.


Her perfect day would be spent with her Lord and her husband.
Hear Joyce's testimony:

You can listen to the sermon from which it was taken here and another sermon in which she shares her testimony here.

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